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The Mouthie Crafter

October 2023 Request Bundle

October 2023 Request Bundle

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You have been perusing around Etzy or that wretched other place and saw the most amazing file you just had to have. But There was no way you were able to pay $5 for one file. Then you rabbit trail. You now have a whole cartful of stuff totaling a fortune that sits for one of these days. Well, stop waiting. Put your request in group and use this link to pay for not only your request, but all of the people's requests already listed and yet to be listed! The bigger this grows, the better spent your money is. So, everyone, get those wish lists out and drop them in group. Your $10 you just spent here could end up in HUNDREDS of dollars in files you never knew you needed!


When the requests all come in, the bundle will be assembled and loaded into mega. Then I will get a PDF together and load into shopify to automatically deliver to you! I will update everyone in group when it is loaded up!

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