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Funeral expense donation

Funeral expense donation

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Today at 7am Phoebe was waiting for the bus in the dark. The bus got later and later. I was out on the lanai and started hearing sirens. Then I see Life Flight fly over the house (we live next to a hospital). Phee texts me at 720... "We don't know when we'll be picked up. A bus has hit a person. It's not good.". We soon found out a very close friend of hers was riding his bike to school. He was in the cross walk going at his appointed time. He was fifteen seconds away from entering the school's property. The bus driver made a left and hit him. The bus oversteered into the school's fencing. Two helicopters showed up... Both left without him. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. Phoebe is destroyed. She stayed home and has been sleeping her grief away. She wants to do something for the family. The only thing we could think of was to raise money to help with his unexpected funeral expenses. So, I got to work finding files to offer this amazing group. These files are all centered around kindness and love. Since I have to set an amount, it'll be at $5. Please donate what you can. We are all just trying to be good to and for each other. Please keep Sherman, his family and the friends that loved him and the first responders on scene, in your thoughts and prayers. We can't do much alone, but together we make a big difference. Hug your children. Hug them hard. Hug them till they beg you to stop. Not just today. Every day. 

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